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Introducing Kai Wa’a Vega Surfski

Ozone News / 2019 / By Naim Ferguson VEGA – KAI WA’A SURFSKI  In 2017 Kai Bartlett and Mike Giblin got together to discuss a new project, to build something new, but not a canoe. The idea was to take the lessons learned from canoe building and apply to a new vessel, a different sport entirely. Kai […]

Meet Gemini: OC2

Kai Bartlett is a pro paddler, wait is there such a thing? Well, if there ever was a pro, Kai would fit the bill. From coaching and leading Team Primo to countless victories, to numerous Kaiwi Solo Championships, designing canoes, and simply being an advocate of outrigger canoe paddling, Kai is living the paddlers dream. […]

Ares OC1 Reviews

Ozone Reviews | 2017 | By Naim Ferguson Making a decision on a new canoe can be tough; which one has the hull speed, carries your weight comfortably, is easy to use and comfortable to ride. As you gather insight from different paddlers it really comes down to trying out canoes yourself to see which […]

Interview with Mike Giblin – Founder of Ozone

Mike Giblin Interview By Naim Ferguson Ozone was founded by canoe designer Mike Giblin. Based in Maui, the mecca of ocean sports and home to a strong paddling community. The journey from made-on-Maui hand-layup canoes to factory single piece pre-preg carbon canoes is one that has tested and shaped Mike and his company into what they […]