• Cantare OC1 by Puakea


The Cantare is an OC1 specifically designed for lighter paddlers, in any condition, with no compromises

The Cantare is an optimized OC1 design that is efficient in both flat and rough water, with less wetted surface area, resulting in less drag and more control. Cantare has less volume in the hull when compared to other models, which gives the hull a tighter entry and exit.

With a lowered deck, the paddler is sitting closer to the water with an improved center of gravity and decreased windage (in height and length), resulting in more control when in the wind and/or waves.

Accessories Included

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  • 100% carbon layup
  • One piece monocoque construction
  • 3x atmosphere cure
  • Hybrid epoxy polyurethane marine paint


  • Full carbon i’akos
  • Full carbon rudder with titanium shaft
  • High density foam core hull for added stiffness
  • Full carbon pedals
  • Mono footwell with double drain
  • Self centering rudder (safety feature)


  • 18’3″ LOA
    18 Feet 3 Inches (5.56 meter) Lenth overall
  • 16.25″ Beam
    16.25 Inches (41.2cm) Wide at center / Widest Point
  • 4 Rudder Options  – Edge 10.3, Weed 6.3, Surfing Weed 8.5, Four Inch Flatwater


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